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Fixed Loudspeaker System (FLS)

  • The Fixed Loudspeaker system (FLS) is one of the direct media through which the Government can reach to the general masses. Any kind of information and notices which has public utility other then political and religious can be transmitted easily and directly. Its important has further been augmented with the airing of AIR regional news bulletins, educative and informative programmes of agriculture, health etc. by ensuring their active participation in Government activities.

    Installation of FLS at Gaon Panchayat (GP) level was launched during the financial year 2007-08 to disseminate information in grass root Level. Total number of FLS installed at GP level locations during 2014-15 is 1292 out of 2202 GPs of the state. But due to lack of proper maintenance several GP level FLS are currently not in a working condition. Therefore, it has been decided to maintain the FLS systems in town areas only.

    Total number of town level Offices:

    • State Head Quarter: 1
    • District Offices: 21
    • Sub-division offices: 15
    • Total number of offices: 37

    Current status of Town level FLS Units in the 37 number of FLS system:

    Functioning UnitsNon Functioning UnitsTotal Units
    622  444 1066 
    Fixed Loudspeaker System (FLS)
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